Special diets

For pupils who require special diets (for health, or ethical) please complete the online request form (SPECIAL DIET form)

Ø In the case of a diet with a medical certificate, the request form must be completed every year. For a gluten-free diet a medical certificate must be submitted.

Ø The vegetarian/ethical diet form will be kept valid for the cycles below as long as the diet has been confirmed on the annual canteen service form. When you change to another cycle you will need to recompile the form.

- served at the table
- P3 to P5
- S1 to S7


If we are unable to accept your request for a special diet, you will be contacted by the COMSEV office.

COMSEV declines all responsibility in the event that the special diet form is not filled in correctly or if it is not attached.

To find out about any additional costs for diets please see “PRICE COMMUNICATION“.


§ For NURSERY and PRIMARY SCHOOL pupils: there is usually no extra charge for diets served at the table; if the number of requests become excessive, Comsev reserves the right to refuse requests or to charge an additional fee.

§ For pupils with a GLUTEN-FREE diet:

– For Maternal, P1 and P2 users: they receive a personalised tray directly at the table.

– For self-service users (P3 to S7): they take the tray at the central cash desk. Any packed lunch bag will be prepared with gluten-free sandwiches.

In the event of absence, please notify the COMSEV office by 08.30 by telephone or e-mail, otherwise the meal will be charged.

For other needs or requirements, please contact the COMSEV office.