Special diets

For pupils who require special diets (for health, ethical or other reasons), please complete the application form online ( SPECIAL DIET form)

*    In the case of diets with a medical certificate the application form must be filled out every yearA medical certificate is compulsory for gluten free meals.

*    Only requests for a vegetarian diet are automatically renewed until a notification of withdrawal is received from the parents, only if on the annual application form the diet has been confirmed.

All the requests for a special diet will be forwarded to the Italian Health Service (ATS-Insubria) [as required by the “Guide lines of Lombardia for canteen service at schools” actually in use (Law D.D.g.S.01/08/2002 n.14833)].

In the event that we cannot accommodate the special diet required you will be contacted by the COMSEV office.

The Cooperativa Mensa della Scuola Europea di Varese disclaims any liability in the event of the form for special diet not being attached to the application form, not correctly completed or the medical certificate not being attached.

The additional cost for a special diet is dependent on the cost of management (organization, preparation and distribution of any dietary requests). For information concerning prices see “PRICES FOR SCHOOL YEAR”.

* Children of the NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOLS: during the first quarter of the year, the Board of Directors will decide whether the additional for special diets is to be charged or not. If yes you will receive an invoice for the sum to be paid. There is no provision for reimbursement of additional expenditure in the case of absence.

* For students with a GLUTEN FREE DIET: the calculation of the additional expenditure comprises consumption expenditure (gluten-free foods such as bread and pasta, plates, plastic dishes …), operating costs (sum for the organization, preparation and distribution of any dietary requests) and a contribution for AIC registration costs. For this type of diet COMSEV will send an invoice at the end of January and at the end of the school year for the additional cost of meals prepared. Any picnic will be prepared with gluten free bread.

In the case of absence please contact the COMSEV office by 08.30 am by telephone or e-mail, otherwise the meal and the extra fee will be charged.

For any other needs or requirements please contact the Manager of COMSEV Office.

The Board of Directors of COMSEV will throughout the school year review these prices in the event of significant cost increases.