The MELIX program is used to manage the school canteen.

- By logging on to and entering the username and password provided during registration, you can check your remaining credit, your various transactions and consult your invoices.

- There is a single “family wallet”, i.e. a single account from which will be discharged:

  • services (nursery and primary school) – the amount will be deducted in 3 instalments:   September, January and April
  • the meals of the various users with the badge – 1 charge per use


  • the programme will automatically send you an email to remind you to top up your credit.
    • when the remaining credit is less than €30.00 until the top-up is received (1 reminder per week)
    • when the credit is exhausted until the recharge is received (2 alerts per week).
  • General communications will also be sent