Change of canteen service management system

From the school year 2020-2021 the E-civis program used for the management of the school canteen will be replaced by the MELIX program.

New features of MELIX :

-          There will be a single “family wallet”, i.e. a single account from which will be download

  • Ø services (nursery school, primary school)
  • Ø or the meals of the various users with the family badge

-          Invoices will be issued after receiving payments to your account.

-          A single invoice will be issued for the various members of the family.

-          Invoices will be available on your personal account

-          The advanced credit at the end of the school year will be fully available for the following school year.

-          The badge used will be the same as the one used to access the School but will only work in the canteen if the canteen service application form has been filled-out on line on our WEB .

-          The badge will work even if there is no credit, but an automatic email alert will be sent to remind you to top up.

The first invoice will be issued by the end of August 2020 and will include

- the various payments received by that date

- any credit already present on the account and precisely:

Residual credit relating to the school year 2019/2020

- present on rechargeable badges (pupils, teachers, European School staff and parents/guardians)

- present on badges with an OPTION (those who had already made a top-up in anticipation of the last months, advanced credit of 2018/2019 but not used, payment errors (paid more than due))

- present on the account of nursery and primary school pupils (paid in excess of what was due)

In order to understand how MELIX works, we recommend that you view the illustrative LINK on our website.

The residual credit of the school year 2019/2020 of services already invoiced and paid, will already be present on MELIX and more precisely


Kindergarten classes – P1 – P2                                          € 170,00*

Nursery classes – P1 – P2 + extracurricular activities on Mondays (€170.00 + €88.00)                € 258.00*

Classes P3 – P4 – P5                                                               € 252,00*

* except for some individual cases


The residual credit relating to the school year 2019/2020 for those who had an OPTION (meals already invoiced but not consumed) has been reported without any recalculation.