Communication prices for members – School Year 2021-2022

At its meeting on 14th June 2021, the COMSEV Board of Directors decided to maintain the same prices as for the year 2020/2021:


1.        Nursery and Primary School pupils: ANNUAL service

- The annual cost of the canteen service for nursery, 1stand 2ndprimary school pupils amounts to €425.00. The amount will be charged in 3 instalments: € 170.00 for the first in September; € 127.50 for the second in January and € 127.50 for the last in March.

- The annual cost of the canteen service for pupils in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of primary school is € 630,00. The amount will be deducted in 3 instalments: € 252.00 for the first one in September; € 189.00 for the second one in January and € 189.00 for the last one in March.

2.        Secondary School pupils and staff of the European School of Varese: RECHARGEABLE BADGE

The price of a single meal with a RECHARGEABLE badge is € 6.50 each.

Please note that the price of the meal consists of:

- consumption costs (food, drinks, glasses, napkins, etc.)

- running costs (all other expenses such as staff, equipment, consultancy, etc.)

The share of consumption costs for the year 2021/2022 is €2.00.


3.         PRICE per diet supplement

The price of the supplement per meal for special diets is € 1.00.

For nursery and primary school pupils it will be charged every month.

For secondary school pupils the cost will be integrated into the cost of the meal (which will then be €7.50 instead of €6.50).




The price of the meal for non-members

- is € 9.00 each if paid in advance in the office in cash or by credit card with issue of a receipt.

- is €10.00 each if paid directly at the canteen cash desk.

All prices include VAT.

The COMSEV Board of Directors reserves the right to review prices during the course of the school year in the event of significant cost increases.

The President of COMSEV