Communication prices for members – School Year 2019-2020

PRICES for School Year 2019-2020

The Board of Administration has decided during the meeting of the 3rd of June 2019 the prices for the next school year:


  1. Pupils in Nursery and Primary School
    1. Basic subscription

          – LUMP SUM for Nursery, 1^ and 2^ Primary School   =  € 425,00

          – LUMP SUM for classes 3^, 4^ and 5^ PrimarySchool  =   € 630,00

The lump sum can be invoiced in one or two instalments.

Note: In case of a day-trip, the lunch in the canteen will be replaced with a packed lunch. In case of a longer school trip the canteen will provide extra food and drinks.

                    2. Subscription in case of extra-curricular activity

For pupils of the nursery, P1-P2 enrolled in an extra-curricular activity on Mondays the LUMP SUM  = 195,00€.  Only one invoice will be issued.

  1.  Pupils in Secondary School and staff of the European School of Varese 
    1.       OPTIONS for the badge

-  OPTION 100 =€ 600,00

-  OPTION  50 =€ 312,50

-  OPTION  25 =€ 162,50

*The meals provided by the option are valid only for the current school year (meals not used by the end of the school year will not be available for the following school year and will not be refund)

*The OPTION is personal and cannot be used by other members of the family.

 *Only one invoice will be issued. 

The price per meal with a rechargeable badge will be € 7,00 each.

Please note that the price of the meal consists of:

- Costs of consumables (food, drinks, cups, napkins, ..)

- Management costs (all other costs such as personnel, material, consultancy fees, etc)

The contribution towards consumables is  € 2,00.

  1. PRICE for a new BADGE

In case of loss, breakage or wear and tear a new badge can be issued to a cost of € 5,00.


The price of the meal supplement for special diets is € 1,00 + vat 4% = € 1,04.

  1. FEE for non-payments

In the event of a non-payment despite various payment reminders, the Board of Administration may decide to send an invoice of € 25.00 + vat 10% = € 27,50  as a surcharge cost.


The price per meal

- if paid in advance in the office with receipt of tax receipt is € 9.00 each.

- if an invoice is requested, the price will be € 8.75 + vat 4% = € 9.10 each

- those who present themselves at the cash desk without a tax receipt will have to  pay € 10.00 at the central desk in the canteen.

All prices, except where expressly indicated, include VAT.

The Board of Administration of COMSEV will review prices throughout the school year, in the event of significant cost increases.

The President of the COMSEV

                                                                                       Athina PYRROU