Communication to parents of students of future S1 classes

What changes in the canteen for pupils who pass from P5 to S1?


1) on the first day of school a badge will be delivered to all pupils who have applied for the canteen service. Those who have not filled-in  the form will receive a form to complete and as soon as we receive the application the badge can be picked up at the office.

2) The S1 pupils have three long days and do not have the permission to leave. They have on average 103 long days. In order to help you to choose the service, please visit our website chapter

- Working: secondary school options and rechargeable badge

- More information about options: options, calendar and comparison between option and rechargeable.

- Conditions of options: the meals provided by the option are valid only for the current school year. The remaining meals at the end of the school year will not be reimbursed, nor be available for the following school year.

3) The invoice (full amount) of the first option will be issued in August, the invoice for a new option can be issued only after the last meal of the previous one has been used up. The amount for the new option must be paid at the time the nenewal form is filled out to avoid the block of the badge.

4) The invoice for the meals of the rechargeable badge will be issued at the end of each month and you have to check with your username and password that the remaining credit is sufficient for the following month. A first credit in September is recommended, of at least 10 meals.

5) USERNAME and PASSWORD are used to verify the credit on the card, on the website www.comsev.ecivis.itbut also to see the dates the pupils have eaten in the canteen.

6) If the pupil LOSES the card, they DON’T LOSE THE CREDIT. You can ask for a new card which will have the credit of the previous one. For more information about costs visit Communication prices.

7) If the pupil FORGETS the card or if the card doesn’t work if it is without CREDIT  they can have lunch: he can fill out a replacement slip at the central desk of the self-service in the canteen. The slip must be an exceptional alternative.

ATTENTION: to avoid slowing down the queue, counselors and Teachers who qatch the queue in the canteen do not allow pupils to access the self service if they do not have a badge. They will be able to pass only from 13.15 onwards and then fill in the replacement sheet at the central desk.


The primary school pupils arrive in the canteen in a time-staggered manner and will have to wait about 5 minutes to be able to access the self-service arrangement. At the secondary school the bell rings at 12:55 for all the pupils so it is inevitable that the wait is prolonged. From the moment they access the queue they can access the self-service after about 10 minutes. Those who want to spend less time in the queue can:

1) go during the first part of the break to the courtyard and come to the canteen at the second bell (13:20), there will still be a queue but much smaller;

2) reserve a packed lunch (for the choices to see our web site the day before:

* In the office from 8:30 till 11:20 or

* Sending an email by 8.30 at

3) Those pupils who have no lesson from 12:10 to 12:55, can avoid the queue by going the canteen at 12.15 but ONLY WITH AUTHORIZATION from the pedagogical adviser!