Secondary School – Rechargeable badge

Secondary School: RECHARGEABLE Badge

The European School has provided a personal badge to all secondary school pupils and SEV staff; new users will be given one at the beginning of their attendance.

The badge does not expire but is disabled at the end of each school year for the canteen service: it is therefore essential to complete the form each year to activate the badge.

In order to apply for the canteen service, you need to fill in only one form online for all your children. In case you have more than one child for the same table, tick on the + symbol and a new row will appear.


To find out how to top up, consult PAYMENTS.

Please check your credit periodically and top up your account in due time.


We inform you that a QrCode system for smartphones will be activated starting September 2023 with the purpose of offering an alternative to the badge.

It will be possible for parents to download the QrCode from the Melix personal area directly onto their children’s smartphones and use it to pay for the meal.

On the same day it will only be possible to use one payment method as the electronic system will not authorize double payments.

The COMSEV Board of Administration has decided that starting from September 2023, lunch will be served ONLY to those who have their badge or QrCode with them; otherwise, you will not be allowed to queue at the self-service.

In September only S1 pupils, new secondary school pupils, and guest students who have not yet been given badges are allowed to eat lunch without badges or QrCodes.

The possession and correct use of the badge/QRcode on behalf of the students will consent a more fluid service, reducing queuing time.

Thank you for your comprehension and cooperation

COMSEV office