Secondary School – Rechargeable badge

Secondary School: RECHARGEABLE Badge

The European School has provided a personal badge to all secondary school pupils and SEV staff; new users will be given one at the beginning of their attendance.

The badge does not expire but is disabled at the end of each school year for the canteen service: it is therefore essential to complete the form each year to activate the badge.

In order to apply for the canteen service, you need to fill in only one form online for all your children. In case you have more than one child for the same table, tick on the + symbol and a new row will appear.


To find out how to top up, consult PAYMENTS.

Please check your credit periodically and top up your account in due time.


17th December 2021

Dear Members/Dear Students,

In order to help those who forget their badge, COMSEV has so far made provision for their names to be written on a list at the central desk at the canteen and for their meals to be recorded manually in the Melix program.

Every day more than 100 pupils do not bring their badges to the canteen.

Lately, some people have been writing down false or illegible names.

As of 3rd January 2022, we ask all COMSEV users to have their badge before entering the canteen.

Warning signs will be put up in the canteen and school as a reminder.

If you have lost your badge we ask you to ask SEV for a duplicate as soon as possible.

Further measures will be taken if the situation does not improve.

Thank you for your cooperation

COMSEV office