NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS:

Dear Members

answering the questions received from some of you, for transparency and completeness we provide you with some information below.

Explaining the complexity and necessity of the reorganisation of COMSEV in a few words is not easy. Our experience of several years on the COMSEV Board has made us aware that a reorganisation was necessary to ensure its sustainability and thus the continuity and flexibility of the quality service we want to give our children. In order to reach this decision, the Board worked with the help of professionals who have been following COMSEV for years and who know its characteristics very well.

The decision to outsource the meal preparation service was taken by the Board in agreement with the management of the European School of Varese.

A number of catering companies were evaluated and selected according to pre-requisites of service quality, presence in the area, references and certifications, availability, seriousness and experience in the school catering sector.

The quality of the food and the menus were tested in advance and will be monitored directly in the canteen by some parent volunteers who have given their availability, with the collaboration of the Canteen Committee, AGSEV and the Student Committee.

With regard to this decision, we have aimed to give continuity to the service and not to increase the cost of meals, while guaranteeing their quality. We have also given classes P3-P4-P5 back the possibility of having a hot meal, the same one that will be served in the canteen.

We emphasise that the outsourcing only concerns the preparation of the meals and not the serving and distribution, which will continue to be carried out by COMSEV staff, organised by our administrative staff.

We have therefore chosen the catering company ROJAC Srl of Taino, whose characteristics have fully satisfied the objectives set. As of Monday 3rd May we will start outsourcing the preparation of meals.

In the MENU and DIET section of the COMSEV website you will find the menu proposals of ROJAC Srl for the coming weeks until the end of the current school year.

We hope that we have answered some of your questions. If you would like to know more about ROJAC Srl, please visit their website at the following address:


The President and the COMSEV Board                30th April 2021


Dear members,

It has been a long time since the COMSEV Board, constituted  by us parents and members of COMSEV  itself, has engaged in carrying on the school canteen  service, coping with  several factors of complexity in the management, which the outcomes deriving from the Covid 19 pandemic has allowed  us to better analyze and underline.

Several times during the years, the Board has had to make difficult decisions and compromises, which have certainly had an impact on the employees and the service.

This has resulted in an ever closer need to reorganize and to restructure the COMSEV in order to rationalize the allocated resources , to optimize the costs and energies, to ease the health and safety requirements, to manage the canteen staff in the specific sector of the preparation of meals and associated  responsibilities, so as to continue to pursue the goal for which COMSEV was established and that is to provide meals for our children.

The COMSEV Board has therefore decided to outsource the process of preparing meals for the coming months of May and June to a catering company that has already been operating for years in the area. The Mensa Committee will be present  with the aim of assessing the quality of the food  and the  appreciation of meals by all children, from kindergarten to secondary school.

We ask you, dear members, to support us again in this process of reorganization in the certainty of a  better future for all.

The President and the COMSEV Board                     28th April 2021


The Cooperative Canteen of the European School of Varese (COMSEV) was created on December 19th, 2006 by 11 founding members (parents and school staff) and deals with the management of the European School canteen from September 1st, 2008.

COMSEV has a Board of Administration of 5 members, (including the President of COMSEV), which is reconstituted every 3 years.

During the General Meeting on  December 17th 2018 (2nd call) the Board of Administration has been renewed for the years 2018.2019 – 2020.2021 and more specifically until the financial statements of  August 31st 2021. The following members were elected:   Mrs PYRROU Athina, Mrs BELLORINI Anna,   Mrs GRANDINETTI Monica, Mrs SPANOS Donatela and Mrs CRISAFULLI Jasmine.

During its meeting on 17th December 2018 the Board of Administration assigned the following positions:

Mrs  PYRROU Athina : President and Mrs. BELLORINI Anna Vice-President

In the Board of Administration of January 21st 2020, following the resignation from the position of President of Mrs  Pyrrou, were elected:

Mrs  Anna BELLORINI                 President

Mrs  Monica GRANDINETTI       Vice President

The new positions are valid until the general meeting of shareholders that will approve the financial statements to be raised on August 31st, 2021.

Since 2009 COMSEV has been collaborating with the Mensa Committee which proposes new recipes, verifies the satisfaction of the proposed menus and stimulates the pupils to eat in a healthy and balanced way.

The Canteen Committee is composed of 16 members and meets twice a year (for the composition see CANTEEN COMMITTEE – MINUTES OF MEETINGS).

COMSEV is located in Via Montello 118, Varese. Contact numbers are as follows:

Phone                  0332 / 806231

Fax                      0332 / 281637

CONTACT US BY E MAIL:      var-comsev@eursc.onmicrosoft.com

Website:  www.comsev.eu

In the COMSEV office there are:

Mrs  Karin Verbruggen                       Manager

Mrs   Sabrina Ferro                          Assistant

Mrs  Elena Ciavarella                        Assistant

The office is open from 08.00 till 17.00.

The office is open to the public from 08.30 till 13.30 and from 14.30 till 15.30.

The kitchen and the canteen are located in the Da Vinci building, in Via Mameli, 35.

In the kitchen there are 3 cooks and 16 assistants.