The most simple way to enroll guest students in the canteen is to ask the host family to temporarily add the guest student on his behalf, but it is up to the student’s family and the host family to decide. If the student is added to the host family account, the invoice will be issued to the host family name.

Otherwise the host family can decide to become a member of the Cooperativa Mensa della Scuola Europea di Varese (see FORMS) or pay the price of a NON member  for the meals.


The pupils can choose a rechargeable card or a card with an option (see WORKING).

The school calendar (see MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OPTIONS) can help you to calculate how many meals the guest student will consume.


form-for-guest-students-to-fill out by-host-family

privacy-en-only-traslation (to fill out italian form) to fill out by the guest pupil’s family only if he/she is add on the account of the host family