Order of packed lunches

Order of packed lunches

Who can order a packed lunch?

Any pupil of the Secondary School and staff can reserve a packed lunch; as an exception and only in the case of lunchtime activities, packed lunches can also be ordered for pupils of the Primary School.

What does a packed lunch contain?

NORMAL: 1 sandwich with ham and salad, 1 sandwich with cheese and salad

CIABATTA: 1 “ciabatta” (a bigger sandwich) with meat, fish or omelette, depending on what is on the daily menu.

CIABATTA  MOZZARELLA: 1 ciabatta with mozzarella, salad and tomato (September, October and from April to June) or with raw vegetables (from November till March)

CIABATTA  BRIE: 1 ciabatta with brie and grilled courgettes (September, October and from April to June) or with grilled radicchio (from November till March)

FOCACCIA: with ham, cheese and salad (not available on Wednesday)

PIZZA: pizza margherita  (not available on Wednesday)

Every type of packed lunch also contains 1 piece of fruit, 1 fruit juice BIO and 1 bottle of natural water.

How can I order the packed lunch?

  • A packed lunch has to be reserved at least 1 day in advance by 11.20 a.m.  at the COMSEV office or
  • by email at least 1 day in advance by 08.30 a.m.
  • Students can  reserve the packed lunch for every week (for one or more days) completing a form in the office.

How can cancel the packed lunch?

If you want to cancel an order you must inform the office the day beforeby 08.30 a.m.:

- calling 0332-806231

-by email

Where do I collect the packed lunch?

You can collect the packed lunch from 12.15 until 13.30 at the Picnic corner, on the left side of the canteen hall.

How much does it cost?

For every packed lunch we deduct the cost of one meal from your account.

If the packed lunch  has not been collected, it will be charged to your account. 

Packed lunches not picked up by 1:30 PM will be made available to other users who wish one.