Information concerning menu

Both the winter menu (from November to Easter) and the summer (Sept / Oct and after Easter) provide, in addition to the dishes available every day of the week, the choices that are offered each day and which are advertised on the notice boards at the entrances of the Canteen. If possible cultural and ethical preferences are taken into account.

We remind you  that both the fixed menu served to younger users and the one served “self service” have  to be balanced in accordance with the directives from ATS (Italian Health Service). Therefore the menu must consist of:

* a first course        * a second course              * fruit (or dessert)

* bread                      * water (or milk)

FIRST COURSE: Aside from the daily menu, there will also be PASTA with TOMATO SAUCE, PLAIN BOILED PASTA OR PILAF RICE.

There is always plain pasta without cheese and tomato sauce for those pupils who don’t want or can’t eat cheese and it can be requested from the lady serving the first course or directly at the cash desk.

There are also bowls of MIXED SALAD (medium-sized bowl) mostly prepared with lettuce and grated carrots. During the summer menu on Tuesday it can be replaced by taboulé (cold couscous) and of Friday by a cold salad of cereals. During the winter menu the cold salad of cereals is served on Tuesday. In these days the mixed salad is prepared on request.

For the SECOND COURSE we have every day:

-dishes with CHEESE and raw vegetables according to the season. The cheese is replaced by ham if the dish is part of the menu of the day.

- big bowls with RAW VEGETABLES and BEANS or hard boiled EGG or TUNA – only for pupils of Secondary School


Every day at least two kinds of cooked vegetables, which can vary during the course of the lunch hour, and two kinds of raw vegetables are offered.


Fresh fruit salad, cooked fruit and/or cake are on the self service buffet.

NOTE about vegetables and dressing:

RAW VEGETABLES: During the winter we use different kinds of salad leaves and grated carrots; sometimes cold potatoes with parsley, raw red and white cabbage or beetroot are served. For the summer menu we also serve tomatoes, cucumber and sweet peppers.

Some COOKED VEGETABLES are frozen (peas, spinach, string beans, sometimes cauliflower,..) others are fresh (fennel, courgettes, leek, aubergine, carrots, broccoli, potatoes,..).

The salads on the self-service counter are seasoned with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar and salt; however the salads on the top shelf are undressed. At the central cash desk there are bottles of vinegar and only iodized salt cellars for those pupils who want to add more seasoning. On request we serve salads with only olive oil or with more dressing.


Throughout the year we have apples, bananas and pears; other fruit is seasonal such as oranges, grapes, kiwi, apricots, peaches.

NOTES about the guiding principles of ATS (Italian Health Service):

To ensure the health of pupils and particularly of the youngest ones, we are not permitted to prepare frankfurters, mushrooms, seafood, fried food (fish sticks, French fries, ..), meat if not fully cooked (no carpaccio, no roast-beef,..). Omelettes and most of the meat and fish are cooked in the oven.

To prevent the use of too much fat we are not allowed to leave olive oil at the pupils’ disposal.