Note about allergenics used in the menu

 NOTE about ALLERGENICS used in the MENUS

Decree 114/2006 stipulates a list of substances which are considered to cause allergies:

1     Cereals containing GLUTEN

2     SHELLFISH and derivatives

3     EGGS and derivatives

4     FISH and derivatives

5     PEANUT and derivatives

6     SOYA and derivatives

7     MILK and derivatives

8     NUTS (almond, hazelnut, walnut, pistachio, etc) and derivatives

9     CELERY and derivatives

10   MUSTARD and derivatives

11   SESAME seeds and derivatives

12   SULPHUR DIOXIDE and SULPHITES in concentrations above  10mg/l

13   LUPIN and derivatives

14   MOLLUSCS and derivatives



To prepare the dishes (summer and winter menu) WE HAVEN’T USED the following substances:


  • Mixed cheeses and Grana Padano contain lysozyme, a natural EGG preservative .
  • La percentage of SULFUR DIOXIDE and SULPHITES in wine is higher than 10mg / l but the quantity of wine used in the receipt is so limited that the concentration is not relevant.
  • SOY is present only in the spray which sometimes is used in the plaques when preparing cakes. In this case is INDICATED IN SELF SERVICE.
  • We don’t use PEANUTS or NUTS, but the commodities that arrive may contain traces.
  • Exceptionally  (for teachers / employees or international menus) can be used one or more substances but in this case are shown.

To ensure the health of the pupils and of the school staff, we ask parents, teachers and employees of the school to communicate as soon as possible to the canteen office if they have allergies or other dietary problems. For those pupils who need a special diet, a appropriate form has to be filled out online on our web site and supported by a medical certificate. COMSEV disclaims any liability in th event where the form for special diets has not been transmitted correctly.

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