In agreement with the School the following changes have been made to comply with the COVID rules:

In the canteen hall there are 800 places. In order to respect the spacing, the available seats have been reduced by removing half of the chairs and the remaining ones have been alternated (one chair is and one is not) which allows to have 400 seats anyway. To help the students to respect the spacing, signs have been placed on the tables corresponding to each chair.

Plexiglas panels have been mounted along the self-service and in front of the checkouts to ensure the right distance between the kitchen and checkout operators and the users in the queue.

At the access of both self-service lines, distributors with sanitizing gel have been placed, as well as at the entrance from the gangway, to allow users to sanitize their hands at the access. It is mandatory for everyone to wear the mask, which can be removed only for lunch.

As we haven’t enough place in the canteen to welcome all the students like before and considering the class hours, it was decided in agreement with the school

- for nursery and primary school:

- On Tuesdays and Thursdays, kindergarten pupils will have their warm meal directly in the Montessori building.

- that the pupils of P1 and P2 will be able to use as before the table service in the canteen

- that P3, P4 and P5 pupils will have 2 days access to the canteen and will receive a packed lunch in class in rotation (Monday packed lunch for P3 pupils, Tuesday for P4 pupils and Thursday for P5 pupils).

- for the Secondary School:

- that S6 and S7 students will have their lunch break in the 5th period: they can come to the canteen from 12.15 am and the self service will be accessible from 12.15 to 12.45 pm.

- S1, S2 and S3 students will have the usual lunch break: they can come to the canteen from 12.55 am, the self service will be accessible from 12.55 to 1.40 pm.

- for S4 and S5 students the lunch break has been put in the 7th period and they can come to the canteen from 13.45, the self service will be accessible from 13.50 to 14.15.

Pupils of each shift will be asked to come to the canteen in time in order to avoid group gatherings with those that will follow.

Due to logistic problems, the canteen is not able to activate the picnic service for secondary school students.

After observations on the service, received after the first week of school, we have made the following changes:

- the bread on the self-service is individually bagged

- the cutlery will be bagged but we are waiting to increase the stock.

- the sanitization of the tables is made after every turn. We will put signs on the sanitized tables.