Communications of COMSEV President

Dear Members,

The European School of Varese was closed from March to July 2020 and this had a significant impact on the COMSEV budget. We have to find the best possible solutions to try to  contain and minimise this impact on the next 2020/2021 budget.

Following the latest Prime Ministerial Decree, all the efforts of the COMSEV staff and the Board of Directors, are aimed at continuing to guarantee the canteen service for those who continue attending the school in situ.

In agreement with the SEV, it was decided to close the canteen on Wednesdays and Fridays in order to reduce some expenses (staff) keeping in mind that in these two days the attendance at the canteen is almost close to zero. We prioritise to guarantee the canteen service on all the  other days.

The absence of pupils from S2 to S7 is resulting in a reduction of the service by about 45-50% and the loss of income that arises from it will make it more difficult to cover the management’s costs of the COMSEV.

We therefore ask you to continue to support us and to use the canteen service as much as you can.

We will keep you updated on any changes linked to the reopening of schools.

Hope to see as many of you back soon in our mensa.

Best regards,

Anna Bellorini

COMSEV President

9th November 2020


Dear Members,

Through this communication, I would like to make you aware of the efforts of the Cooperativa Mensa (COMSEV) which did not begin on 3 September when the school opened, but many weeks, if not months, before:

- firstly by ensuring that COMSEV had all the employees to provide the service;

- secondly, in collaboration with the HACCP managers, ensuring that the necessary anti-COVID health and safety measures for school canteens, which to date have not yet been clearly defined, were respected and applied.

This preparation, which made it possible to provide the canteen service, was done in close and constant dialogue with the school management, work which continues today to improve and adapt the canteen service to the needs as they arise. Not forgetting that our canteen and school opened two weeks earlier than the national territory.

After personally observing the situation in the canteen a few days before opening, we realized that the children did not always sanitize their hands when entering the self-service, where gel dispensers were specially placed and this led us to introduce some further changes.

Today the bread is being bagged, as well as the cutlery will be shortly (we are waiting for a new supply). The tables are sanitized after each shift. We have made some small changes to the access time to the self-service for the Secondary School by adapting to the actual timing of the change of shifts in the canteen.

In collaboration with the school, signs have been added on the tables to indicate the seats spaced apart.

Surveillance in the canteen premises, where COMSEV is hosted, is carried out by the school. In this regard, we have always collaborated in pointing out the relative problems that the school is dealing with by hiring supervisors to increase the number in the canteen as well.

The canteen has always operated in 3 shifts (table service, self-service for the primary school and self-service for the secondary school). Currently there are 5 shifts in the canteen, plus a hot take-away meal service for the nursery school and a picnic service for about 100 pupils in the Primary school to make up for the lack of seats in the canteen for distancing.

This is an evolving situation and is constantly monitored by the whole COMSEV, staff, manager and voluntary board members.

Obviously, the exceptional and sub-optimal circumstances of the COVID pandemic are putting us all to the test but I am confident that the existing cooperation and collaborative spirit within COMSEV, with the members, the Italian authorities, the school and AGSEV are the best means we currently have to continue to provide the service.

Anna Bellorini

Chairman COMSEV

29th September 2020