Parents in the canteen

Parents who wish to eat with their children, can come to the Canteen ONLY on Wednesday and on Friday from 12.30 till 13.30.  If you eat frequently in the canteen, we suggest a request for a rechargeable pass card (on the application form for a  Rechargeable Pass Card); if you eat only occasionally in the canteen please go to the office and pay for each meal. A receipt will be issued to be presented in the Canteen.

Following the new procedures for the security of the European School of Varese, parents who want to have lunch in the canteen (only on Wednesdays and Fridays) must

- Notify the COMSEV office by writing on the same day before 10.00 AM to

- Pass by the guard in Via Mameli who will give a visitor badge (procedure as for appointments with teachers)

- Access the canteen from the walkway and ring the intercom on the right of the door

- The guard responds and will unlock the door

- Turn the knob clockwise to open it.

- After lunch return the visitor badge.

For further information please see RECHARGEABLE PASS CARD.