Pass card lost / forgotten


The pass card is personal and can be downloaded only to provide one meal per day, thus it is not possible to give the pass card to friends.

Any student who has forgotten his/her pass card can go to the COMSEV office and ask for a replacement slip to give to the cashier in the Canteen, or fill out a slip at the central desk of the self-service in the Canteen. The meal will be downloaded manually from the account in the afternoon. The replacement slips will be retained in office for 30 days and any objections will be accepted within one month, after which they will be destroyed.


In case of loss or theft we recommend that immediate notice is given to the COMSEV office. You can ask for a new card at a cost of € 5,00 using the form on the website  (Form REQUEST FOR A NEW PASS CARD) or in the office. The completed form can be sent by e-mail or delivered by hand. The amount (for more information visit COMMUNICATION PRICES) should be paid to COMSEV at the moment of delivery of the form and a new pass card will be given to the student on the following day.


- Any credit left on the account will be transferred to the new identification number.